Hip Replacement Surgery Cost In India

Essentially, hip replacement is the surgical process that can be performed on the hip joints to replace uncomfortable joint components with artificial joint components. This surgical technique is genuinely required for individuals who are not receiving any pain relief from oral medications and who require this surgery to be pain-free after taking the medications.

Due to India's long history of delivering superior medical care for a variety of health concerns; it is possible to do either a semi-replacement or a total replacement procedure, depending on the patient's condition.

Hip Replacement Surgery

How Much Does a Hip replacement Surgery Cost in India?

The Price of Hip Replacement in India is affected by several factors.

  • The type and grade of the implant that was used
  • The kind of hospital room that should be used
  • The surgeon's previous work experience
  • The cost of pharmaceuticals and other consumables
  • Preparation for and management of postoperative complications
  • The entire amount of time spent in the hospital.
  • The costs of rehabilitation & physical therapy

Generally speaking, the cost of a single hip replacement in India starts at INR 297,000

It is possible to get a Bilateral Hip Replacement for as little as INR 520,000

The price of the total hip replacement in India starts is INR 409,000

Numerous variables influence the cost, including the hospital, doctor's experience, the quality of the implant, and the type of implant used, among others.

What is the process of making a diagnosis for hip replacement?

After conducting a thorough physical examination and taking a thorough history, the physician can assess whether there is any relationship between the symptoms such as pain and previous histories or demands that have been placed on the hip. The doctor will inquire about any instances of unsteadiness or damage that have occurred, and he or she will examine the tendons & hip arrangement as well. In addition, the doctor orders several or more specialist test cases based on the anticipated or known reasons for the pain that the patient is experiencing.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Computed tomography scan
  • Bone densitometry test
  • Aspiration
  • Arthrogram

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery

In Indian hospitals, one can choose from a wide range of hip replacement procedures since the level of association necessary during the surgical condition and the extent of damage that has to be repaired are both taken into consideration. The orthopedic specialist examines the patient and determines his or her condition. The patients are also educated on the many types of hip replacement procedures that they can try out. Following that, we'll go through a few of the different sorts of hip replacement treatments, which include the following:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Robotic hip replacement
  • Double hip replacement
  • Revision hip replacement
  • Minimal invasive hip replacement
  • Partial hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing

If you have problems with your bones and joints, an orthopedic surgeon will determine which treatment is best for you based on your specific case history and provide you with recommendations. Aside from that, they will provide you with a reasonable hip replacement value in India.

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