Hymenoplasty Surgery Cost In India

Specifically, the hymen is a thin strip of vaginal mucosa that extends horizontally across the lowest section of the vaginal canal. This membrane has been stretched to its maximum extent. The upper section of the vaginal is not hindered by the membrane, allowing blood to freely travel through during menstruation, which is beneficial.

When partaking in physically demanding activities like gymnastics, horse riding, or cycling, the hymen may tear. The usage of tampons or even a severe fall can potentially cause the hymen to be ruptured.

Hymenoplasty Surgery, also known as Hymen Repair Surgery, is an extremely delicate and thorough surgery that involves bringing the hymen ring and surrounding tissues very close to one another.

Hymenoplasty Surgery

How Much Does a Hymenoplasty Surgery Cost in India?

In comparison, the overall price of the hymenoplasty in India which a patient must bear is far less than the cost of surgery in western nations for the same procedure. Because of this, India has seen a boom in the frequency of cosmetic procedures, including hymenoplasty, over the past few years, an unparalleled increase in comparison to other parts of the world.

There is no set price for hymenoplasty because each patient is unique. Nevertheless, there is indeed a price point that can be used to give patients an indication of the costs that they may be expected to bear in the future.

The minimum cost of hymenoplasty surgery is 25,000 and the maximum price is 35,000

How hymenoplasty surgery is done?

To achieve this, virginity surgery restoration or a virginity operation is performed with the goal of making the patient look virginal. A precise incision is required in order to put a hymeneal ring membrane into close approach with one another during this surgery. These are held in place with small sutures to keep the tissues in place.

During a subsequent sexual encounter, the hymen is ruptured, resulting in blood and discomfort.

In the aftermath of Hymen Repair/Restoration Surgery, what should you expect?

Hymen Reconstruction surgery is a modest surgical operation that usually takes less than an hour to execute in the majority of cases.

Recovery normally takes around two weeks, but it can take longer in some cases.

After surgery, recovery time varies from person to person. You should be able to move around within 1 day of the procedure, but you should avoid work as well as other daily activities for 2-3 days following the surgery.

If the surgical incision heals properly after 2-4 weeks of the surgery, you should begin gradually returning to your daily activities, and you should avoid engaging in high-intensity physical activity.

Within 4-6 weeks of surgery, you can resume your normal activities, although you should avoid strenuous activities and exercises.

Relaxing exercises and light weight lifting are permitted after 6 weeks from the date of the operation. Running, bathing in the bathtub, diving, heavy lifting, cycling, and other strenuous activities, as well as sexual relations, should be avoided for the first 8 weeks following the surgery.

Hymenoplasty Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are There Any Tests Required Prior To The Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Ans: Prior to the hymenoplasty surgery, usually, no tests are required. However, a gynecologist may perform a physical examination before the surgery, which is completely normal and usual. And during this physical exam, the gynecologist will check the status of your hymen, and depending upon that you’ll be advised of the best possible treatment options. So make sure to be as open as you can with the gynecologist or doctors.

Q2. Does The Patient Feel Pain When Undergoing Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Ans: Similar to other surgical procedures, you’ll be given anesthesia, therefore during the surgery you won’t be conscious. Thus you won’t feel any pain when undergoing hymenoplasty surgery. However, once the effect of anesthesia starts to fade away after the surgery, you’ll feel slightly uncomfortable or itching around the surgical site, which is completely normal.

Q3. Are There Any Pregnancy Risks Involved After Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Ans: Since the hymenoplasty surgery is performed on the hymen or the outer vaginal area, therefore it does not have any impact on future pregnancies. Because reproductive organs are not altered during the hymen repair procedure, there is no need to be concerned about losing fertility or anything like that.