Pacemaker Surgery Cost In India

The heart is a vital body organ. It is essential to take proper care of the heart. However, after sometime, you may experience some issues with your heart. In such a case, you need to seek appropriate advice and suggestion from a cardiologist. In most cases, people who have severe issues are suggested to undergo pacemaker surgery. It can give you relief from heart problems. But you must have proper knowledge about a pacemaker. A pacemaker is a device or a tool that can help control abnormal heart rhythm. These devices are flexible and compact at the same time.

How Much Does a Pacemaker Surgery Cost in India?

While you are planning to undergo pacemaker surgery, you need to have a tentative idea about the cost of pacemaker surgery. It is estimated that pacemaker surgery cost ranges from Rs 2,25 lakhs to Rs 3,50 lakhs. The charges vary from state to state. It is essential to get it done from the best places. You must take prior information about the hospital and the physician to better service. Getting the surgery done from a reputed place will cost more. This is natural.

Pacemaker Surgery

The procedure of pacemaker surgery

It is good to have a prior estimate and information about the cost of pacemaker surgery. At the same time it is also good to better know about how it is done. The process of pacemaker surgery is done after providing local or general anesthesia. This depends upon the preference of the physician. If you are a bit nervous of the process, it is better to go for general anesthesia as it would obstruct during the surgerical process. You will undergo an intravenous line to smooth medicines supply to the body.

You will be connected with an ECG monitor that will give correct heart information during this process. Before inserting the device, it will be cleaned and sterilized. It will be placed in a clean area. In the next step the surgeon will make a small incision at the place of insertion. A guidewire is inserted into the blood vessel that is placed on the collar bone. This guidewire is called as the sheath. The lead wire will be inserted into the body with the help of sheath. The lead wire will be tried at different places before being positioned correctly. After placing it, an X-ray will be done to view the position of the heart. To ensure the proper working of the device ECG is done. It will provide an accurate report. The incision will be covered with a bandage. It will be removed after a specific period. After the installation of the pacemaker, you will be kept under observation in the hospital for two to three days. However, you may face pain in the insertion area. In such a case medicines will be provided under the physician’s supervision.

DON’T ignore if you experience any heart issues. Proper checking and monitoring can give you relief from any severe damages. Insertion of pacemaker’s is no more a big deal if done under skilled physicians.

Pacemaker Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What should I not do after a pacemaker surgery?

You should avoid any strenuous and tough physical activities for at least four to six weeks from your pacemaker surgery. You should also look to avoid any collisions or activities that will increase the blood pressure in your body till the recovery time.

Q2. How long will be the recovery period from a pacemaker surgery?

It generally depends on the patient’s health condition. However, it normally takes around four to six weeks for you to recover from pacemaker surgery and go about your normal lifestyle. Your doctor will advise you on avoiding any strenuous activity during the recovery period to avoid any irritation or aggravation of the incision and the heart.

Q3. How long should I have to wear a sling after pacemaker surgery?

You should ideally wear a sling for the first 48 hours after your pacemaker surgery or implantation.

Q4. Can I live a normal life with a pacemaker?

Yes, you can live a completely normal life and go back to your routine work after your pacemaker surgery and recovery period. Once you are done with the recovery, you won’t even feel any discomfort in your daily life.

Q5. Can I take off my sling while sleeping?

You should ideally keep the sling on for the first 48 hours or till your doctor advises from the time of your surgery. But if you need to remove it, then it would be best to place the arm on a pillow mimicking the position of the sling to avoid any aggravation of the issue.

Q6. How do I sleep with a pacemaker?

You should sleep on the same side where your pacemaker is installed. You should also wear loose-fitting clothes while sleeping to avoid any discomfort.

Q7. Can I fly after pacemaker surgery?

It is generally safe to fly and travel after your pacemaker surgery. But we advise you to have a proper consultation with your doctor about this before going ahead.