PET-CT Scan Cost In India

PET-CT Scan is a combined medical procedure that involves both a PET scan and CT Scan. This procedure helps to diagnose issues related to brain disorders, heart diseases, cancer, and other illness like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and more. This procedure is done with the use of a radioactive drug that is swallowed or injected by the patient which then ejects gamma rays and reveals the biochemical changes in the body or the organ of the patient. This allows the doctors to trace and image the organ or the tissue to diagnose further.

There are various types of PET-CT Scan procedures used for specific organs or cases. It is part of the radiology tests and is often one of the most expensive tests around due to the procedure involved. This test requires a doctor’s prescription without which it cannot be done.

How PET-CT Scan Works (The Complete Procedure)

The entire process begins with a pre-evaluation and preparation test. This involves the checking of the patient’s vital stats, their medical history, abstinence of food and liquids before the tests, and more. It is also advised to lower or avoid the caffeine intake before the test and also not undertake any food six hours before the procedure.


Once the preparation is done, the procedure begins. In this, a radioactive dye along with the glucose compound is injected into the veins or administered orally to the patient. The patient is then required to sit on the char for an hour to help the dye mix into the bloodstream. Once the dye is absorbed into the bloodstream, the patient is moved into the tunnel-shaped scanner. There the patient will be scanned and imaging will be received in the computer depicting the internal biochemical changes. The process requires around 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the type and the condition.

How much does a PET-CT Scan Test cost in India?

The cost of a PET- CT Scan test depends on various factors like:

  1. The fee of the Doctor or the Consultant
  2. Age of the Patient
  3. Prior and Immediate medical condition of the Patient
  4. Type of PET- CT Scan
  5. City or the location of the procedure
  6. Hospital or the lab admission charges
  • The cost of a PET-CT Scan starts from roughly Rs 5,000 if performed for a normal case.
  • In India, the average cost of a PET- CT Scan test ranges around Rs 15,000.
  • For PET-CT Scan in India, the maximum sum that can be charged can go as high as Rs. 34,000.

Types of PET-CT Scan Tests

  • Fluorodeoxyglucose PET: This PET-CT Scan is used to image inflammation, brain function, and infections.
  • DOTA-NOC PET: This type of scan is used to detect neural or neuroendocrine tumors.
  • Fluoride Bone PET: This is used to scan the images of the bones.
  • Fluorothymidine PET: This is done to help detect the fast-replicating cells and is used for imaging the bone marrow, brain issues, and other clinical trials.
  • Fluorocholine PET: This is used for imaging prostate cancer.
  • Fluoroethylthrosine PET: This is done to image the brain tumors in the patient.


PET-CT Scan is a major radiology test conducted to diagnose and identify the issues related to the brain, heart, and other tissues. A timely diagnosis of the bodily organs and their changes will help in proper treatment and cure before it creates a further issue for the patient.