Plastic Surgery Cost in India

Plastic Surgery is a surgical speciality that consists of reconstructing, restoring or altering the human body. People who have poor body tissues, which may be due to trauma, birth disorders or disease, may opt for plastic surgery. There is a misconception among people that plastic surgery means artificial but in reality, it means cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery.

 Plastic surgery improves the human appearance and improves & restores function.This may involve surgery on any part of the anatomy, except the central nervous system, which includes the facial skeleton (Maxillofacial); Skin including burns, birthmarks, skin cancer, tattoo removal, scars and birthmarks; Congenital Anomalies including cleft palate, cleft lip, and deformed ears.

Some people may resort to plastic surgery to improve their self-esteem, boost self-confidence and overall personality. Depending on the need, there are several processes to provide the needy treatment.

Plastic Surgery Cost in India

How Much Does a Plastic Surgery Cost in India?

It may be difficult to estimate the true extent of the surgical procedure; however, the cost varies depending on various factors including the cost of the operating room, overall health of the patient, follow-up appointments, cost of materials, reputation and popularity of the doctor, etc. Some common surgeries prices in India are as follow:

  • Face Related Procedures Cost – Rs.1,00,000 to 2,00,000
  • Breast Related Procedures Cost – Rs.70,000 to 2,50,000
  • Body Related Procedures Cost – Rs.58,000 to 4,70,000
  • Genitals Related Procedures Cost – Rs.1,22,000 to 4,32,000
  • Hair and Skin Related Procedures Cost – Rs.10,810 to 2,16,000

The fact is that the price of surgery is significantly lesser than in other countries, that's the only reason why several international patients are considering India for plastic surgery.

Types of Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery are the two main types of Plastic Surgery, further, they have sub-types. Let us discuss:

  • Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is used to repair that part of the human body that is affected by any of the mentioned issues:

  1. Hands and Feet Surgery

Surgeries for hands and feet is chosen by people who affect any maladies, including extra toes or fingers, webbed, and tumours cancerous & non-cancerous.

  1. Breast Reduction or Reconstruction

Women who have abnormally large breasts causing health issues of back pain or have undergone a mastectomy may go with this surgery.

  1. Facial Surgeries

This surgery is available for people who want to correct their facial defects such as cleft lip, breathing problems such as chronic infections, or snoring that may affect the sinuses.

  1. Flap Procedures or Microsurgery

These can be performed to swap different parts of the human body which is affected by disease or injury, such as cancer.

  1. Wound Care

Those who have been suffered from deep cuts, wounds or burned marks, skin grafts can opt. for wound care. The surgery involves reconstructive techniques to improve the structure.

  • Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery is performed to reshape structures of the body or to change a person's appearance. These procedures require a trained specialised plastic surgeon which is trained in the procedure. This may include healing & proper care, recovery time, etc.

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Plastic Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Is A Good Fit For Cosmetic Surgery?

Ans: If your overall health is good, and you don’t have any drugs, smoking, or drinking addictions, then you may be a good fit for cosmetic surgery. When consulting for cosmetic surgery with the surgeon, he/she will check the overall age-to-weight ratio and will ask for other diseases you have. People with diabetes, heart diseases, irregular blood pressure, and depression shouldn’t get cosmetic surgery, it’s not an option with such severe medical conditions.

Q2. Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

Ans: Like any other surgery, there’s always a possibility of something going wrong during the surgery. However, plastic surgery has quite low complications, but still, there’s a possibility that we can’t deny it. The safety of plastic surgery can also depend upon some other factors like the experience of the surgeon, the age of the patient, other medical conditions, etc.

Q3. Are There Any Alternatives To Plastic Surgery To Improve The Appearance?

Ans: Well, yes, there are some alternatives to plastic surgery to improve your appearance. Talking about the medical procedures, so you can go with injectable dermal fillers which require no surgery at all. These dermal fillers can be used for cheeks, and lips and remove wrinkles on facial skin. However, there’s always a natural way available, for example, it has been seen that exercising and a healthy lifestyle can help you achieve the best possible results without even needing plastic surgery.

Q4. What To Do To Get The Best Possible Results Out Of Plastic Surgery?

Ans: There are a few things you can do to get the best possible results from plastic surgery. For example, you shouldn't be taking any supplements for a week or two prior to the surgery. Along with that, you should not be drinking alcohol and smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to the surgery. In case you’re taking any other prescribed medicines or drugs, then you should definitely consult with your surgeon before scheduling the surgery.

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