Pterygium Surgery Cost In India

Pterygium surgery is a sclera and cornea-focused surgery which removes non-cancerous abnormal cells of the eyes. It is a high-success surgery and available throughout the country for affordable prices. This minimally invasive surgery emphasises treating the issue, making the patient feels better and offering a clear vision to the patient.

Pterygium, also termed a surfer's eye, is a condition in which one has raised and abnormal conjunctiva growth which blocks the cornea. Even though this is not a deadly condition, it can affect the life of the infected by blocking the vision. During Pterygium surgery, the growth of abnormal cells is removed. In some cases, doctors suggest replacing the skin with a graft or autograft.

Opting for Pterygium treatment will not only help a person get clear vision, but it also affects mental health. Interfered vision affects the vision meanwhile it leads to unnoticed mental trouble. Currently, one can find affordable Pterygium surgery costs in India and an effective treatment.

How much Does Pterygium Surgery Cost in India?

The cost of Pterygium surgery in India varies based on the circumstances, region, and many other factors. The typical cost for surgery lies between 18,000 rupees to 30,000 rupees in India. The additional factors that may vary the cost are the type of Pterygium surgery, medications, pre-operation health conditions, surgeon’s experience, hospital facilities, etc,

Pterygium Surgery

To get the best of both worlds, the sufferer can prefer a legitimate hospital with an excellent reputation meanwhile reducing the amenities or accommodation to control unwanted expenses. Meanwhile, the recovery period and medication should be top-priority and you shouldn't compromise in any manner. The best results are easy to avail if the patient considers following the routine check-up during recovery.

Anyone can get Pterygium surgery anywhere throughout the country. However, you must consider the complication factor. The common problems with this surgery are –

  • Discomfort after the surgery is common among patients who have been suffering from Pterygium for a long time. There are consultancy services specially made for people who are going to take surgery in future.
  • Redness is the second most common issue that occurs after the surgery. Even though everyone faces redness in the eyes during the recovery period, some may suffer for a longer time than usual. In such a situation, a visit to the eye doctor can help examine the problem.
  • Lastly, blurriness is the last and most annoying problem that patients call it. Interfered vision becomes a part of life for Pterygium patients, and it takes some time to get used to the change. Blurriness stays for one to three weeks, but can vary from patient to patient.

These are some key things along with the Pterygium surgery cost in India. In case, someone has existing issues with their eyes must mention the problem while consulting the doctor.

Type of Pterygium and Treatments

There are two types of Pterygium types, and these are –

  • Progressive Pterygium – In this condition, the patient has a thick and fleshy appearance of Pterygium in the eyes. The blood vessels are prominent in look and is easy to identify. Pterygium keeps growing to the cornea during the progressive Pterygium and is clear from the name also.
  • Atrophic Pterygium – With its thin and membranous appearance, atrophic Pterygium does not seem that harmful, but it certainly is. There are a few blood vessels that look pale in the eyes, and it is hard to identify, makeing it difficult for a patient to identify the issue at an early stage. The growth of atrophic Pterygium is slow and static after a time.

Along with the types, the condition also depends upon the age of the patient, period of suffering and a lot more. While checking the Pterygium surgery cost in India, the patient should also consult with the doctor regarding the post-treatment recovery period, medicine duration, and precautions.

Pterygium Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What’s the average cost of Pterygium Surgery in India?

Ans: The cost of treatment differs throughout the country. Meanwhile, the average Pterygium surgery cost is 25,000 rupees in India. In small towns, the cost of Pterygium surgery ranges between 18,000 rupees to 30,000 rupees.

Q2. What’s the right time for Pterygium surgery?

Ans: If you are not getting any symptoms and have clear vision, then you can opt for ointment and similar medications as prescribed by the doctor. However, if the eye drops are not giving any recovery against Pterygium, then it is high time to consult a doctor and get Pterygium surgery.

Q3. Do doctors put you to sleep during Pterygium Surgery?

Ans: Doctors prefer using local anaesthetics to numb your eye area and perform the surgery. This surgery is almost painless and doesn't require sleeping the patient. If you feel that you can't tolerate the pain or trauma, then you can consult with the doctor and talk about it for better clarity.

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