Colonoscopy Test Cost In India

To identify abnormalities or alterations in the intestinal tract (colon) or the rectum, a panel of gastroenterologists & skilled technicians performs non-surgical colonoscopy.

A colonoscopy, often known as a big bowel or colonoscopy is a regular procedure to check the lining of the intestines. An endoscope, a flexible tube approximately the width of a finger with a camera & light at one end, is used for this procedure. The anus (back channel) is used to deliver it to the big intestine, where it is carefully handled by a doctor with much training.

An abdominal ache, gastric ulcer, bowel alterations, colon development or polyps, persistent tiredness, blood in the stool, thin stool colonoscopy is recommended.

How Much Does a Colonoscopy Test Cost in India?

Prices in India for a colonoscopy test range between Rs. 2,600 - Rs. 4,500. Colonoscopy test costs, however, are affected by several variables, such as whether or not the operation is performed under sedation.

How doctors prepare a person for colonoscopy?

You must be absolutely devoid of food and liquids for the nurse or doctor to get a better sight of the colon. In order to prepare for the treatment, you will need to adhere to a certain diet for 2 days before to the surgery. The day before the colonoscopy, you should consume extra water.

How colonoscopy test is performed?

Colonoscopy Test India

A colonoscopy may be done at an outpatient facility or a hospital by a qualified expert. First, an IV needle will be inserted into your arm's vein. An IV line is used to provide sedatives, painkillers, or anesthetic, enabling you to rest throughout the procedure. During your stay, the personnel will keep tabs on your vital signs.

The doctor will place the colonoscope into patient's anus and gently guide it into the rectum as well as the colon while you are on the table. The scope's air pump allows the doctor to have a better look within the big intestine. Anxiety or a need to urinate may occur during this time period.

Using the linked camera, your doctor may watch and study your intestinal tissues through a video feed on a display attached to his or her workstation. Adjusting the scope for a good angle may need numerous moves.

The test might take anything from Twenty minutes or an hour to complete. The findings of the colonoscopy operation are often accessible within a few hours after the procedure's completion. Your doctor will tell you as quickly as the effects of the sedative & anesthesia wear off so you can hear it.

Cost factors of colonoscopy

Costs associated with a colonoscopy may vary widely based on a patient's medical history, the kind of biopsy being performed, and other variables.

The cost of a colonoscopy depends on a wide range of variables. These include:

  • The patient's well-being is taken into consideration when the surgery is carried out in a hospital rather than an outpatient facility. Patients with a higher level of risk may also need extra support.
  • Any tissue that is removed for biopsy by the doctor raises the price of the colonoscopy procedure.

Types of procedures

Colonoscopy tests come with additional costs, such as:

  • Hospitals may give colon prep kits in certain situations, or the doctor might request that the patient purchase these from a pharmacy or a medical supply store.
  • Depending on the purpose of the test, such as cancer screening, symptom diagnosis, conducting a colonoscopy along with a biopsy, and removing a polyp or lesion, the fee structure might vary.
  • The kind of sedative medication employed also contributes to the overall cost of the procedure.
  • When aberrant surgery is done after this test, pathology costs are incurred.
  • Apart from doctor's fee, the hospital, surgical facility, or physician's office may impose additional fees.

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