Top 5 Best Cancer Hospital In Kolkata

The modern way of life is responsible for an increase in the number of cancer patients, which has resulted in an increased demand for hospitals that specialize in cancer treatment. If the cancer is discovered at a preliminary phase, radiation therapy is always recommended as a treatment option to lessen the impact of the cancerous cells that are present in the patient's body. Cancer treatment can involve a range of different approaches depending on the type, stage, and location of the cancer, as well as the patient's overall health and other individual factors.

However, surgical operations are required at a later point, and we strongly advise that you have a full consultation with the best oncologists in Kolkata. Here to ease your search we have listed top cancer hospital in Kolkata city:

List of Top Cancer Hospital In Kolkata

1. Chhitaranjan National Cancer Institute

Chhitaranjan National Cancer Institute

This establishment, which can be found in close proximity to the Metro Station called Jatin Das Park, is widely considered to be among the most renowned cancer hospitals in all of Kolkata. In honor of Chittaranjan Das, Chhitaranjan National Cancer Institute was established the next year, in the year 1950.

The hospital has expanded significantly over the course of its history, and the Indian government is currently providing financial support for the hospital's research department.

The hospital has also been instrumental in the advancement of cancer study and treatment practices. It provides treatment of the highest caliber thanks to its outstanding medical fraternity and equipment. Additionally, it is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic procedures now available, and due to the fact that the Government of India is funding it, its expenses are also quite low.

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2. Tata Medical Center

Tata Medical Center

In Mumbai, the Collaboration of Tata Memorial Medical center can be found under the name Tata Medical Center. It is in close proximity to Newtown and Raharhat, and it is currently in the process of improving its connections with the rest of the country. It is equipped with all of the necessary facilities for effective cancer therapy, including rapid and early diagnosis as well as excellent treatment techniques.

Because of its cutting-edge facilities and highly qualified medical staff, it is considered to be one of the premier cancer centers in Kolkata.

3. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital

Apollo Gleaneagles Hospital

The cancer department of Apollo Hospitals is indeed a new addition to the hospital's existing specializations. With cutting-edge tools and technologies, Apollo Hospitals is recognized as one of the most reputable facilities for the treatment of cancer patients.

People in Kolkata can receive some of the most advanced cancer therapies available thanks to the facility's cutting-edge diagnostic methods and its exceptionally well-trained medical personnel. The most recent addition to its roster is the Novalis TX device, which utilizes radiation to eliminate malignant cells while causing only minimum harm to healthy tissue.

The price for the high-quality medical care that is provided by this hospital is at the higher end, but it is commensurate with the level of contentment that patients report experiencing as a result of their treatment. The Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata is well recognized as having among the best facilities in the city for the treatment of cancer in its early stages.

4. Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Because of its comprehensive medical, surgical, & radiation Oncology departments, Fortis Hospital is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 finest cancer hospitals in Kolkata. In the department of Surgical Oncology, there is a group of highly trained surgeons who have years of expertise in the field of providing all-encompassing cancer therapy. They have received extensive training in both the treatment of cancer and the treatments used in reconstructive medicine.

Patients suffering from cancer are able to receive high-quality radiation treatment from the staff in the radiation department, which makes use of cutting-edge technology. Both adults and children are treated with chemotherapy and other allied medications as part of the medical oncology's cutting-edge cancer management services. These services are provided for malignancies.

5. Narayana Hospital

Narayana Hospital

It is among the finest facilities in Howrah of Kolkata, and offers all of the major super specialities at an affordable rate for its patients while still maintaining a complete fee structure. Malignancies of the head, breast & neck, as well as cancers of the blood, kidney, and gastrointestinal system, as well as cancers in children, are all treated by the Oncology division of this hospital.

The pain & palliative care support that the hospital provides for its patients is greatly valued by those patients. It is one of the suggested cancer facilities in Kolkata that is run by the Narayana group. Although it is located on the city's periphery, it is close enough to Howrah to meet the demands of its residents.


It is very crucial to choose a doctor with a lot of expertise, and if you have decided to admit the patient, you should do so at the appropriate hospital after you have made your decision.

Choose the best cancer hospital from the above-mentioned list and get an effective and quick treatment from cancer experts.

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