Top 5 Best Cancer Hospitals in Gwalior

Cancer is a condition when a few of the body's cells grow out of control and migrate to other bodily regions. Most patients with cancer do not exhibit any symptoms and signs that specifically denote the disease. Unfortunately, any complaint or cancer symptom might also be attributed to a non-cancerous illness. However, if specific symptoms manifest, a doctor should be visited for additional assessment.

There are numerous cancer hospitals in India you can visit if you want to get any symptoms checked in Gwalior. These hospitals will also offer the best treatments to you. Given below we have listed the top cancer hospitals in Gwalior –

List of Top Cancer Hospitals in Gwalior

1. Cancer Hospital and Research Institute

Cancer Hospital and Research Institute
  • Address: Cancer Hills Mandre Ki Mata Road, Gwalior 474009
  • Website:

The history of the Cancer Hospital and Research Institute in Gwalior is dismal. Rajiv Sahai, who had osteosarcoma sarcoma, passed away in March 1971. He was the son of Shri and Smt. Sahai. There weren't many resources accessible in Gwalior at the time for cancer treatment. Unfazed by their loss, this family determined to open a cancer hospital to help those who needed it in Gwalior. A charity trust called "Jan Vikas Nyas" was established in May 1971 with this goal in mind. Cancer Hospital was established in 1977 after overcoming obstacles and the unwavering efforts of the grieving family, and it has since evolved into a sophisticated facility with resources for the full management of cancer. From Monday through Saturday, the hospital is open from 9 AM to 4 PM. Every day that is a gazetted holiday is a hospital holiday. Every day, emergency services are offered around the clock.

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2. BIMR Hospital

BIMR Hospital
  • Address: Surya Mandir Rd, Morar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474004
  • Website:

One of the super-specialized hospitals is the BIMR Hospital. The NABH has accredited our hospital. The hospital is the first facility in the Gwalior Chambal district to receive NABH and NABL accreditation. It has a capacity of around 300 beds and is situated on 7.9 acres of land. With 45 consultation rooms, the outpatient services are distributed over three floors. Dedicated assistants for specialties have been created for all ambulatory services, whether it be the close proximity of clinical testing or blood banks to the emergency. The hospital offers radiation oncology services. Inpatient, outpatient, and diagnostic sections are all seamlessly connected by BIMR Hospitals' state-of-the-art hospital information system. The sophisticated building management system at this hospital, among other utilities, offers multi-tiered network access, electronic security systems including integrated CCTVs spanning the property, and sophisticated fire management systems.

3. Vidya Cancer Hospital

Vidya Cancer Hospital
  • Address: Near High Court, Hospital Road, Lashkar City, Gwalior
  • Website: N/A

The Vidya Cancer Hospital, which is situated in Gwalior's Lashkar City, is one of the most famous medical facilities in the area. Numerous inhabitants of Lashkar City have developed a great deal of faith in the practitioners over the years. Vidya Cancer Hospital is located in Lashkar City, near to the High Court, and is easily accessible via a number of different modes of transportation. The personnel at this Hospital is helpful and pleasant, and is knowledgeable about the most contemporary medical procedures to care for patients. The facility adheres to all necessary safety precautions. The doctors and their staff constantly prioritise the needs of their patients while providing excellent care and guidance.

4. GS Super Specialility Hospital

  • Address: Opposite Madhav Dispensary Lalitpur, Lashkar, Gwalior
  • Website:

To ensure that all patients receive state-of-the-art care, GS Super Specialty Hospital combines the greatest technology available with the best professionals in the field. Dedicated assistants for specialties have been created for all ambulatory services, whether it be the closeness of diagnostic testing or blood banks to the emergency. The hospital has well-equipped operating rooms, each of which has the best operating lighting, an anesthesia workstation, and essential life support equipment. The goal of the oncology department is to provide accurate diagnoses, expert consultations, and treatment for all forms of cancer. These services include complementary therapies including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and other operations. The oncology group focuses on quality and advanced treatments.

5. Apollo Spectra Hospitals

Apollo Spectra Hospitals
  • Address: 18, Kila Gate Road, Vikas Nagar, Near Sai Baba Mandir, Gwalior
  • Website:

Apollo Spectra Hospitals, which is well situated in Gwalior's Vikas Nagar, provides excellent care in a broad range of surgical subspecialties. This 70-bed hospital is spread across 40000 square feet and includes 3 cutting-edge modular OTs, a cutting-edge physiotherapy unit, a dialysis facility, an on-site pharmacy, and a waiting space for patients’ families. We guarantee thorough and compassionate care for all critically ill patients since one-fifth of all beds are set aside for critical care across all disciplines. The critical care units are run around the clock by certified intensivists and skilled nurses in accordance with international standards. This hospital has oncologists with about ten years of expertise. The hospital has a focus on hemat-oncology in addition to oncology.


Cancer is a hard-to-treat condition but with the right medical approach, you can get healthy again. Do not waste any time getting a diagnosis. We have only picked the best cancer hospitals in Gwalior for you. We hope that you get the best treatment here for yourself or your loved ones.

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