Top 5 Best Cancer Hospitals in Nagpur

Cancer develops when a few body cells start to grow without any control & spread to other parts of the body. Most cancer patients do not have any symptoms or signs that are distinctive to the disease. Sadly, any discomfort or cancer sign could also be the result of a non-cancerous condition.

However, a cancer specialist should be seen for a more thorough evaluation if certain symptoms appear. In Nagpur, there are several hospitals you can go to to get any ailments examined. You will receive the greatest care from these facilities. The top five cancer hospitals in Nagpur are given below –

List of Top Cancer Hospitals in Nagpur

1. Mandhaniya Cancer Hospital & Research Institute

Mandhaniya Cancer Hospital & Research Institute
  • Address: Neeti Gaurav Complex, Ramdaspeth, Adjacent to Hotel Center Point, A Wing, 4th & 5th Floor, Nagpur
  • Website:

All types of cancer patients in India can receive care at the Mandhaniya Cancer Hospital. It is conveniently located in the city's center (Ramdaspeth), making it accessible in an emergency. Modern Chemotherapy Unit, Palliative, Pain Care Unit, Oncosurgical Care, Advanced Cancer Surgery Unit. Private, semi-private, and General Ward are all available under one roof at Mandhaniya Cancer Hospital. Dr. Sushil, the First & Senior Most Active DM Medical Oncologist in Central India, is the hospital's director. He completed his fellowship at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital in adult and pediatric oncology as well as bone marrow transplant. He also received training at the Santa Barbara Cancer Institute in California, the United States.

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2. American Oncology Institute

American Oncology Institute
  • Address: At Nangia Specialty Hospital C1/1, MIDC Hingna, Opposite MIA Centre, Nagpur
  • Website:

The American Oncology Institute is at the cutting edge of cancer care, providing individualized treatment for all cancer types in people of all ages and genders. When it all comes to cancer care, personalized care is extremely important, and they offer premium services together with knowledgeable medical staff supported by cutting-edge facilities. A broad range of treatments & medical procedures are offered by their renowned team of Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, and Surgical Oncologists, who adhere to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. There are numerous medical procedures and treatments that can be customized to each patient's medical needs.

3. HCG Cancer Care

HCG Cancer Care
  • Address: MoujaWanjriKhasra No. 50, 51 Ring Road, Near Automotive Square, Nagpur
  • Website:

Fighting cancer has been a top priority for HCG. A field with this level of intensity calls for the development of ground-breaking therapeutic regimens and the deployment of game-changing technologies that will benefit both the patients as well as the medical professional treating them. One such field that necessitates more serious work is oncology or cancer care, and they hope to meet that challenge. In the past thirty years, HCG has dominated the fight against cancer and established several industry milestones by introducing several cutting-edge technologies that have improved the accuracy of therapy and the overall response displayed by patients. With the use of these technologies, medical professionals have been better able to comprehend cancer as an illness and treat it correctly the first time. With their robust framework and technological infrastructure, they also hope to be leaders in the crucial fields of cancer radiation therapy and surgery.

4. Chikhale Multispeciality & Cancer Hospital

Chikhale Multispeciality & Cancer Hospital
  • Address: Plot No.1, Manewada Cement Road, Dyneshwar Nagar Gate, Nagpur
  • Website:

In terms of patient treatment, Chikhale Multispeciality & Cancer Hospital is well-known. They are among the well-known hospitals, with a mission to provide the greatest patient care and state-of-the-art medical facilities. They are a well-known name in the healthcare industry. With many different modes of transportation, the hospital is conveniently reachable. A group of skilled clinical technicians, non-medical personnel, and medical professionals collaborate around the clock to provide a range of services. A group of specialists on board, comprising specialists, are prepared to handle a range of medical issues thanks to their knowledge and experience.

5. Columbia Hospital and Research Centre

Columbia Hospital & Research Centre  
  • Address: Hyatt Medicare, Dr. N.B Khare Marg, Dhantoli, Nagpur
  • Website:

In addition to performing all types of cancer procedures, Columbia Hospital and Research Centre also specializes in advanced chemotherapy & blood cancer treatment. Since Columbia Hospital & Research Center is located in the center of the city, it is simple to go there in case of an emergency. The division of oncology is focused on treating all forms of cancer, including head and neck, breast, thoracic, gastrointestinal, gynecological, and soft tissue tumors. They also do all types of general procedures, and the medical oncology department has a facility for a super-specialized team for cancer and a Special Chemotherapy unit. Molecular Oncology. Treatment for children's cancer is handled by the pediatric oncology department. Their area of expertise is the preventive oncology department, wherein they screen healthy individuals for cancer symptoms to identify cancer patients in the early stages. To this end, they provide many screening options at incredibly low prices to serve patients from different walks of life.


Cancer is a difficult ailment to cure, but you can recover your health with the appropriate medical strategy. Take care of receiving a diagnosis right away. For you, we have only chosen the top cancer hospitals in Nagpur. We hope that you receive the top care here for you or your family members.

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